Kara #1

Kara #1 - Austin, Texas

Kara #1 – Austin, Texas

I’ve featured portraits of Jasmine for the last few days, that I shot at the Olympus Experience Weekend, earlier this month. Kara was the other model at the event. And, you can finally see the pool at this poolside shoot.

Unlike my Jasmine pictures, this particular pose wasn’t very original. Other participants made something similar. Though it probably wasn’t in black and white. I also wonder if my framing might have been tighter? On the few occasions that I see other photographer’s photos, I seem to shoot more up close to my subjects.

The premise of this photo was of Kara stepping out of the pool and she repeated her move up the stairs a few times. As much as I like the Olympus PEN-F, the camera isn’t very good about tracking movement. Several photos didn’t have tack-sharp focus with my standard settings. I suppose the newer more sports-oriented Olympus cameras will do better. But usually, my portraits don’t involve much movement, so the PEN-F works fine for my purposes.

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