Kara at Precision Camera Expo

Kara, Precision Camera Expo - Austin, Texas

Kara, Precision Camera Expo – Austin, Texas

Precision Camera had their pre-Christmas Camera Expo in early December, and I was there as usual. It’s a good chance to look at equipment, but there are also peripheral activities of interest. I dropped into some classes and also noticed a lighting setup with a model. It was Kara, who I met in the summer during an Olympus class by the pool.

I had a bag of Fuji gear with me this time, the X-T10 and the XQ1 compact. I chatted with Kara and made some portraits with both cameras. I also had my Fuji Instax printer, which I’ve been carrying around more often.

Kara, Precision Camera Expo - Austin, Texas

Like I did at the East Austin Studio Tour, I shared instant prints, via that Fuji printer. I’m keeping with my goal of sharing photography — everyone seems to be enjoying these small jewel-like prints. I must have gone through a big box of 60 already.

As you can see, I gave Kara two — a snapshot with the XQ1 and a more serious portrait with the X-T10.

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