Sharing Photos at EAST

Steven and Rachel, EAST 2019 - Austin, Texas

Steven and Rachel, EAST 2019 – Austin, Texas

One of my goals for 2019 was to print and share my photographs. Digital is great, but I think it’s worthwhile to have physical photos too. I was moderately successful, making a couple of canvas and framed prints for the house, publishing two books, and giving out a bunch of Fuji Instax prints. These small credit card-sized prints are wonderful to share, and that’s what I did at this year’s East Austin Studio Tour.

I gave out mini-portraits to each of my Artist Portrait subjects this year, as well as others that I met at EAST. This is true sharing, I think, instead of some Instagram mention that people view for 2 seconds. These Instax prints develop over several minutes like the old-school Polaroids, and people seem to love the slow analog reveal.

Instax Steven and Rachel

Here’s a scan of the print I gave to Steven and Rachel. Of course, since I shot these digitally, I can make extra Instax prints for myself.

The printer itself is compact, battery-powered, and communicates via WiFi. The Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 is the model I used, and it now costs less than $100. It works with smartphones and most modern Fujifilm cameras, such as my X-T10 and XQ1.

You might recognize Rachel Wolfson Smith from last year — I made a black and white Artist Portrait of her. This year, she is sharing her studio space with Photographer Steven Eggert Rabbitt.

Shawn and Marty, EAST 2019 - Austin, Texas

Shawn and Marty, EAST 2019 – Austin, Texas

Nadia, EAST 2019 - Austin, Texas

Nadia, EAST 2019 – Austin, Texas

Here are a few more artists sporting their Instax prints. I’ve featured all three in this year’s EAST Artist Portraits.

I’ve had so much pleasure sharing prints that I bring the SP-2 printer everywhere. I would quickly make portraits and magically hand out prints at gatherings, and even at a Drink and Click. I’ll show more Instax prints in future posts.

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