Intense Green

Intense Green - Somanathapura, India

Intense Green – Somanathapura, India

Not unexpectedly, the houses in Somanathapura were modest. After all, this is in a small rural village in a developing country. But the simple and honest architecture was beautifully accented with gloriously cheerful colors. This intense green, sort of lime green, is perfectly contrasted with a crimson red. The two colors are so well balanced that it’s as though an architect, who studied color theory, recommended a custom color pallet. Or, perhaps it was determined by some ancient text which described colors that optimally complement each other.

The parts of windows somehow balance with the bits that are near the entrance — the color-matched bicycle and the pan on the other side. I only wish the cables weren’t there, which distracts from the composition. It is, however, as you can tell, an authentic image. I made two wider compositions, but this one eliminated most of the unwanted clutter.

I only spent about ten minutes in the village until I was off to my primary destination of Mysore. I wonder if I had more time, I would find other equally worthy houses to capture. That’s the downside of a quick tourist visit, you rarely have time to linger.

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