A Porch with Character

A Porch with Character - Mysore, India

A Porch with Character – Mysore, India

Some ten days ago, I featured a beautiful vibrant green building from a small village called Somanathapura. I mentioned in that post, how I was so pressed for time during this tourist jaunt, that I couldn’t explore other buildings. I must have been thinking about that when I made this photograph about an hour and a half later.

This house was part of a cluster of buildings that surrounded the Chamundeshwari Temple. After featuring several street photographs and portraits, I thought a little architecture was in order. Just for the sense of balance.

Probably, like many simple, traditional structures, the design is honest and functional. I love the symmetry. And, while the color is not intensely bright, the rich red and blue complement well and effectively add detailing. This is the sort of honesty that modern American houses have lost. I bet this building is better built and more useful than any suburban McMansion.

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