Market Color at Chamundeshwari Temple #6

Market Color, Chamundeshwari Temple - Mysore, India

Market Color, Chamundeshwari Temple – Mysore, India

For this final photo of this Market Color series, I feature a school portrait. Strictly speaking, this is not in the market area next to the temple like the other photographs. I was on a long staircase that leads from the top of the hill, where the Chamundeshwari Temple was located, to the parking area.

I imagine, like many places around the world, this is a school field trip to a famous place (here’s another example from Japan). I like the colorful matching uniforms. What I didn’t realize, when I made the photo, was the distinct lack of footwear.

Please excuse my ignorance. I really don’t know why they don’t have shoes. Is this a custom? Or, are they lacking funds? They have matching uniforms so it would seem like they would be able to afford shoes. Just one of the many observations I made, in person or later, as I photographically explored India.

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5 thoughts on “Market Color at Chamundeshwari Temple #6

    1. I considered that, but this area is decently far from the temple. Taking off the shoes closer to the entrance would make sense, I think.

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