School Field Trip

School Field Trip, Mysore Palace - Mysore, India

School Field Trip, Mysore Palace – Mysore, India

After leaving the Devaja Fruit market, I headed to the Mysore Palace, which is probably the most popular tourist destination in Mysore. This is the largest palace in the city and is very different in architectural style from the Lalitha Mahal, where I had lunch. While the Lalitha Mahal is the second largest palace, I prefer its cleaner, more cohesive design.

I ran into this school field trip and asked if I can take a photo with the palace in the background. I noticed, like in this school photo at Chamundeshwari Temple, the students were barefoot.

The line was long, and the time was short, so I didn’t tour the interior. Back when I went, they didn’t allow interior photography unless you got special permission. However, a recent blog post indicated that they changed the rules. Either way, I probably didn’t have enough time. Perhaps someday, I’ll visit again.

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