Architectural Grandeur

Exterior, Lalitha Mahal - Mysore, India

Exterior, Lalitha Mahal – Mysore, India

I’ve talked about the Lalitha Mahal for the last several days. It’s the second-largest palace in Mysore built in 1921 and converted into a hotel in 1974. The building is in the Renaissance architectural style inspired by St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. I went there for lunch during a day trip.

This may not be the most impressive angle of the building — it’s a snapshot really — but it’s the best I have. I took the photo after finishing lunch while waiting for my driver. The downside of these quick visits is that I don’t get to spend a lot of time at any one place. After an eight hour round trip car ride, I had perhaps six hours to visit several key spots. I could’ve easily spent a couple of hours just at the Lalitha Mahal, taking in the grandeur and making serious interior and exterior architectural photos.

I added photographic effects courtesy of Topaz Software to make this look like an architectural rendering. It’s the same software I use to create my Art-ish images. The image retains much of its photographic roots, eschewing any attempts at impressionist painting effects, but nevertheless, it transcends the typical photo.

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