Old-World Charm

Old-World Charm, Lalitha Mahal - Mysore, India

Old-World Charm, Lalitha Mahal – Mysore, India

Given a choice, I like modern houses with their clean lines and reduced clutter — no renovated Victorians for me. But on vacation, for a short stay, it’s nice to experience old-world charm. The best old mansions, and in this case a real palace, are visual and photographic delights. I was exploring Lalitha Mahal, the second largest palace in Mysore, while I waited for the restaurant to open.

The detailing and proportions are exquisite, and this black and white has a timeless feel. Certainly, the women are not wearing period outfits, but I think this has a Colonial British era look. I snapped it street photograph style as they approached, and I was lucky enough to get a genuine smile. I even added some faux-grain to create a Film-ish touch.

I included this photo in my India Street Photography book, one of one hundred twenty-three black and white photographs from India.

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