Hawker Center Candids

Hawker Center Candids - Singapore

Hawker Center Candids – Singapore

I posted an rather unusual photo of a Hawker Center yesterday. A somewhat abstract one that people seem to like. Today, classic street photography. I switched from the Canon GX7 Mark II compact to my Olympus PEN-F with the 50mm equivalent lens. It’s a faster camera with higher image quality. Much better for capturing people in a busy setting.

As you may recall, previous to this Singapore trip, I spent over a week in Bangalore, India. There, I shot lots of street photographs in the busy Indian marketplaces. In Singapore, most of my photographs switched to colorful urban landscapes. However, I did squeeze in some candids in my preferred black and white style.

This Hawker Center was on the route between my urban destinations, and I temporarily switched from slow photography on a tripod to fast action free-hand. I enjoy both styles and genres of photography. I’m a city person, and I like the energy of a great metropolis — grand architecture and lively street life both stir my photographic soul.

Hawker Center Candids - Singapore
Hawker Center Candids - Singapore
Hawker Center Candids - Singapore

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