Temple on Serangoon Road

Temple on Serangoon Road - Singapore

Temple on Serangoon Road – Singapore

In Little India in Singapore, I noticed this colorful temple. It had some architectural similarities with this temple in Mysore, India. Though the one in India was larger and in a sedate monochromatic earth tone, Singapore’s has color on its side.

A little Google Maps action revealed its name — Sri Veeraman-kaliamman Temple. With the modern Hilton Hotel as a backdrop, the Singapore structure has a decidedly more urban appearance.

Temple on Serangoon Road - Singapore

Temple on Serangoon Road – Singapore

I also like these little details I discovered at the back, contrasting against the blue glass of the Hilton. I know almost nothing about the Indian religions, but these statues — to me — have a storybook appearance.

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3 thoughts on “Temple on Serangoon Road

  1. Another beautiful image. I am no expert on Indian religions, but my wife is from Gujarat, India, and I have learned that Hinduism is more than three times older than Christianity. India is the birthplace of many religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism.

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