Alleyway and Air Conditioners

Alleyway and Air Conditioners - Singapore

Alleyway and Air Conditioners – Singapore

Any notion that everything in Singapore is new and glitters is put to rest with this photograph that I made in Little India. And, while I featured old colonial architecture — which has a worthwhile character of its own — this modern alleyway falls short.

Somehow, clean-lined modern architecture doesn’t age gracefully. It just looks old and shabby. While the details from colonial-era buildings seem to imbue a gracefully aging characteristic. At least that’s the way I see it.

I do, however, find interest in all the air conditioners bolted on to the sides of the buildings. I count around 28 units in this alleyway itself. If you count all the units on the tall apartment in the center, there’s more than fifty. Singapore, after all, is in the tropics, and it is hot and humid.

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