Creek Show 2019

Creek Show 2019 - Austin, Texas

Creek Show 2019 – Austin, Texas

I attended the 6th Annual Creek Show, which happened back in November last year. Creek Show features several creatively lit art pieces that are installed in and around Waller Creek in downtown Austin. I went to my first event in 2016, and, as I recall, the subsequent ones in 2017 and 2018, but never blogged about it. The one in 2019 was not my favorite.

I went on the very last day, which was a big problem — it was extremely crowded. I probably waited over an hour in a snaking Disney-esque line to get in. That might have colored my impression. Note to self, go a lot earlier this year.

I took my Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II and the Fujifilm X-T10, both with wide-angle lenses. I even brought a tripod since I knew the Fuji was not capable of hand-only low-light shooting. Of course, all of the visitors made for less than ideal photography.

My favorite piece is the one up top. With fewer people, I would have opted for a different composition. Here, I captured the lights as well as the blurred creek with a 4 second Fuji exposure on a tripod. Not an ideal angle, but it does successfully document the artwork.

Creek Show 2019 - Austin, Texas
Creek Show 2019 - Austin, Texas

I made these next two photos with the Olympus. With its outstanding in-body image stabilization, I went tripod-less, freeing me to make more flexible compositions. This is where the Olympus shines, and without the awkward tripod, photography is easier and more fun.

Creek Show 2019 - Austin, Texas

Ironically, this may be my favorite, which was not an official art piece. It’s some randomly lit tree that looks very South Austin. It has none of the geometric or serious artistic designs of the official installations, but that’s what I like about it. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. With ample room, I used the Fuji on a tripod, and the widest 15mm equivalent gave me more tree than the Olympus’ 18mm equivalent.

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