Grand Opening, Precision Camera South

Grand Opening, Precision Camera South - Austin, Texas

Grand Opening, Precision Camera South – Austin, Texas

Back in January of this year, Precision Camera — our only local full-service camera store — opened a second location. It’s a small store that was testing the waters in South Austin. I went to the grand opening out of curiosity and support. I live a lot closer to the current and much larger north location. This is probably my first and only visit.

Luckily, I went in the afternoon. I was told that there was a huge line before the store opened. Even many hours afterward, there was a steady stream of visitors. Shown above, around 2:45. I brought the Fujifilm GFX 50R because that was my newest toy, and I’m always all in testing my newest acquisitions over the first several months.

Now in April, Austin and the world are very different. Most non-essential stores are closed by decree. While there’s online ordering and curbside pickup at the main store, I’m unsure of the fate of this new satellite location. Things looked very promising three months ago, who knows now — there are a lot of unknowns at this time. COVID-19 has completely rearranged the rules of the game.

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