Precision Camera South Version 2

Model Shoot, Precision Camera South - Austin, Texas

Model Shoot, Precision Camera South – Austin, Texas

Just 5 days after my Fujifilm camera test and model shoot with Taylor-René, I went to another Precision Camera event. This time at their brand new south store. They were having their grand opening celebration. I talked about a south store grand opening a year ago, but that was a different location. After testing the waters down south, they’ve opened their official, spacious digs. Given all the retailing challenges during COVID, I’m happy that Precision appears to be doing well.

The new location is even further down south, along Interstate 35. It’s much more accessible, particularly for people coming north from San Antonio. It’s also in a new, sprawling strip center called South Park Meadows. The new space is cavernous compared to their test store and has a warehouse feel. Though it’s not as big as their north location, which will remain my go-to spot.

As part of the grand opening, they had several models scattered around different backdrops. Here is Melissa, who I will showcase in several days. I liked the neutral gray and used this backdrop for all my portraits. While I didn’t get to play again with the ultra-fancy Fuji GFX 100S, I did use my own Fuji GFX 50R, which is more than enough for my needs. I also brought along the Fuji X-E3, which I used to snap this photo. The big and small Fujis together have been a good combo for me lately.

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