Precision Camera Portrait: Melissa

Melissa, Precision Camera Portrait - Austin, Texas

Melissa, Precision Camera Portrait – Austin, Texas

You might have seen a glimpse of Melissa. She was posing in the first picture of this mini-series. I made this portrait before the other photographers. I had requested all of the models to come to this setup with a gray background. For consistency and it had the best available light. I think the background color also harmonized well with the people and their outfits.

1 1/2 hours elapsed between the first model shoot and the last. I wasn’t constantly shooting — I took breaks and chatted with friends. Interestingly, the EXIF data revealed a gradual decrease in light levels. Since I assume the store lights were constant, it must have been the decreasing daylight streaming in from the front windows.

I made all portraits at f2.8 and with a 1/125 shutter speed. The ISO was set to auto. The first portrait of Kara started at ISO 800. The ones for August and Taylor-René were at ISO 1250. Melissa and the last portrait was at ISO 1600.

Melissa, Precision Camera Portrait - Austin, Texas

Luckily, the high ISO capability on the Fuji GFX 50R is no slouch. ISO 1600 or a bit higher doesn’t have a big impact on the image quality. Of course, If I were doing massive dynamic range post-processing, ISO 100 is still the best. The camera has the most dynamic range at this setting, as well as the cleanest files.

For portraits like these, dynamic range is not an issue. Technically, getting the eyes in focus is the key and achieving pleasant skin tones in post. Of course, capturing the right pose and expression is the most important. Something that I’m certainly no expert on.

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