Precision Camera Portrait: Taylor-René

Taylor-René, Precision Camera Portrait - Austin, Texas

Taylor-René, Precision Camera Portrait – Austin, Texas

Taylor-René is back. You might remember her from the Fujifilm camera tests that I did recently. Unlike those camera tests, where I shot those portraits in JPEG. I had access to RAW since I used my own Fuji GFX 50R. And, this is my favorite Taylor-René portrait. I think it has more character than the picture I made with the GFX 100S, even though technically, that’s a superior camera.

Also, no wonky blue-ish colors or struggling to post-process JPEGS.

I used the Fuji GF63mm f2.8, which has a full-frame equivalent of a 50mm f2.2. It’s a versatile lens, and though on the wide-side for portraits, it still works well. The downside is that the lens is an older design and slightly slower to autofocus.

Taylor-René, Precision Camera Portrait - Austin, Texas

Compared to the GFX 100S that I used the week before, my GFX 50R is a lot more limiting. I don’t care about the 50MP vs. 100MP difference. The phase-detect autofocus and in-body image stabilization of the GFX 100S really make it a snappy and able camera. It’s like using a Fuji X-T3 but with super-high resolution and superior dynamic range.

I need to be much more deliberate with the GFX 50R, making sure to nail focus on the eyes. Even so, the hit rate is lower than the GFX 100S. As an enthusiast, the GFX 50R is more than enough. I got enough keepers. However, if I were professionally making portraits, I would definitely upgrade to the GFX 100R.

Taylor-René’s Instagram: @tayrenerow

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