Precision Camera Portrait: Maggie

Maggie, Precision Camera Portrait - Austin, Texas

Maggie, Precision Camera Portrait – Austin, Texas

For my last portrait of the series, I feature Maggie. Unlike the other models, I did two photo sessions with her. After my first shoot, I noticed Maggie wore a tweed jacket that added an element to her plain black dress. With a jacket in hand, it acted as a prop to make more compelling portraits.

Out of all of these portraits, this one looks the most classic and understated. During the shoot, especially with the jacket, I mentioned that it felt like a fashion shoot for Ralph Lauren. Perhaps the long brown curly hair reminded me of models often used in their brand campaigns.

Maggie, Precision Camera Portrait - Austin, Texas

I can’t claim that I captured their personality in the five portraits. After all, I don’t know them very well. However, I think each looks distinctive. Given the less than stellar available light, I’m happy with the soft and understated lighting.

The portrait intermission is over, and I’ll be headed back to Disneyland tomorrow.

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