Drink and Click Portrait: Alex

Alex, Drink and Click Portrait - Austin, Texas

Alex, Drink and Click Portrait – Austin, Texas

This is the second in a series of Drink and Click portraits I created with the Fujifilm GFX 50R. I shoot in RAW + JPEG but almost always use the RAW, which I post-process using Capture One 20. Over the years, I’ve dialed in the monochrome look that I like, copying somewhat the look of the Mono Profile 2 JPEG setting out of the Olympus PEN-F camera.

With my desired black and white look established, I’m no longer locked into the PEN-F, getting the freedom to shoot with whatever camera I like. I have a lot more subtle latitude with the GFX files, creating sharp but non-harsh portraits. They look smooth instead of crunchy, which happens when you overwork a file.

I’m liking the way these portraits are turning out, but I’m not sure if that shows through in the images. I fully admit that this may be a physiological effect. Thinking that my new and expensive medium format camera is actually allowing me to create better pictures. This can certainly just be in my head, and perhaps I’m able to get the same images with my “lesser” cameras.

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3 thoughts on “Drink and Click Portrait: Alex

  1. Great portrait. You’ve demonstrated in your work over the years that you can create exceptional photos with any camera. I still say that your work with the “lesser” Pentax Q remains a favorite of mine. Certainly, a particular tool can have an influence on one’s mindset and I have noticed subtle changes in your style based on which camera you used in some cases (the Q being the most prominent example in my mind). I think the best tools are the ones that work as an extension of yourself, becoming an intuitive and almost invisible means to achieving your vision. Whether that tool is a thrift shop bargain bin find from yesteryear or the latest bazillion pixel marvel – does it matter? If you vision is realized, the tool has done its job.

    1. I think the Q and other point and shoot type cameras frees me a bit to be more freeform and spontaneous (as much as I can be). That and the super contrasty black and whites on the Pentax Q make the images different.

      Cameras with viewfinders make me more formal and exacting in my compositions, I think.

      Either way, thank you Mike, for your kind words and your continued visits.

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