Urban Vet Center

Urban Vet Center - Austin, Texas

Urban Vet Center – Austin, Texas

I’m my third and last image from this mini-series, I’m featuring a few rather cute icons from a veterinarian. I like how the designers took a rather bland building and used the dog and cat icons to practically and creatively dress it up.

By chance, I made today’s and the photos from the last two posts from the same location — a parking lot at the corner of 5th and Rio Grande Streets. I can’t claim that these are earth-shattering images, but it does show that there are more photo opportunities than you think in the most mundane places. That’s the biggest thing that has changed in my photography since I began seriously 11 years ago. Starting out, I struggled to find photos worth taking. Now, I often see dozens of potential images anywhere I go. Photography is the skill of seeing, often the unexpected or non-obvious.

The modern building behind the Vet Center is yet another new skyscraper, slightly unusual in that it’s triangularly shaped. Called Fifth & West Residences, it’s an all-residential tower that’s currently the 7th tallest in Austin at 459 feet. It’s a new tower completed in 2019.

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2 thoughts on “Urban Vet Center

  1. There are protests somewhere every night so I’m loathe to go downtown Princeton, and Philadelphia and New York City have nightly curfews. Austin looks so peaceful.

    1. Hi Khürt, Austin has also has its share of protests and even some violence. I made these pictures a month ago when things where very quiet.

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