Fresh Gyro Halal

Fresh Gyro Halal - Austin, Texas

Fresh Gyro Halal – Austin, Texas

I was attracted to this lunch truck, both for its vibrant red and just the right amount of wear — it’s a vehicle with character. I made this in the same parking lot as yesterday’s photo of 5th and Rio Grande.

Other than the truck, most might think this is a rather odd photograph. But, there is a method to my compositional madness. Or, at least I think so. I see the truck as one of multiple rectangles. There’s the truck, of course. But, I like its relationship to the bank building and the interplay with the blue-gray rectangle of the retaining wall. Look closer, and you’ll notice the rectangles of the windows and even the cinder blocks.

To add a sense of precision, I made sure the image was lined up with the top of the building, the truck, and the yellow line of the parking space. I don’t always shoot this way, and I don’t always see these things, but sometimes I do.

These recent color photos are a way for me to play with the RAW files from my Panasonic GM1. I’ve mentioned a few times that I haven’t been a fan of the Panasonic color, both the JPEGs and RAWs. But, I experiment, and Capture One is my tool. I do like how this image turned out; There’s enough bite and depth to satisfy.

I only wish it was a little darker. Then the pale yellow light inside the truck would better stand out. Alas, I’m not that dedicated of a photographer to wait 30 – 45 minutes for that perfect shot.

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