5th and Rio Grande

5th and Rio Grande - Austin, Texas

5th and Rio Grande – Austin, Texas

Today’s image is not nearly as moody as yesterday’s. In fact, I guess it’s not moody at all. But, I’m pretty satisfied with the color, which I post-processed after shooting it with the Panasonic GM1. As I indicated in my recent GM1 Review, I haven’t been totally sold on the Panasonic color. I’m not impressed with the JPEGs, and I’m in the midst of bending the RAWs to my creative will.

I’ve added a bit of warmth — more yellow — and more magenta. I also added saturation, change the exposure, recovered highlights, brightened shadows, added contrast, and changed the tone curve. So, I guess you can say that I made a bunch of changes. It’s more than I typically do, but it’s not unprecedented. The amount of desired post-processing is highly dependent on the scene.

As for the photograph, I view it as a slice of downtown Austin in 2020. Probably, quieter than usual, because of the pandemic. This is the corner of 5th and Rio Grande Streets, home to condos and bank buildings. The tall tower in the center is the 360 Condominiums completed in 2008. At 581 feet, it is now the 4th tallest building in Austin, though it was the tallest for 2 years.

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