Moody West 5th

Moody West 5th - Austin, Texas

Moody West 5th – Austin, Texas

This is a part of downtown Austin I’ve never shown before. With good reason. While West 5th Street has become a pleasant residential district, there aren’t any colorful lights or character-filled bars to add visual interest. It’s populated with modern condos and low-slung bank buildings.

However, some trees and shadows have added a touch of mystery to an otherwise boring area.

The black and white treatment certainly helps too. Yesterday, I reviewed the Panasonic GM1 that I used to take this. This tiny camera is quite capable, but I wasn’t fully enamored with the colors. As I mentioned in that review, however, the sharp photos look very stylish in monochrome. The in-lens stabilization on the kit 12-32mm works well too. I shot handheld at 1/10th of a second.

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