Favorite Liquor and West 6th

Favorite Liquor - Austin, Texas

Favorite Liquor – Austin, Texas

Right next to Hut’s, the now-closed iconic burger restaurant I documented yesterday, there’s Favorite Liquor and Wine. I assumed it was boarded up because of the pandemic, and maybe it was, but I also learned it’s also closed. Both properties were owned by the same family.

There are rumors that this liquor store will also turn into a restaurant. By accident, I had documented another slice of a changing Austin, before the facade is altered, and the neon sign is taken down.

You also see a view of West 6th Street. The buildings on the other side of the street are slightly more refined bars than the ones you see on East 6th Street, minus any historic architecture. Beyond that, where you see the cranes, an enormous change. They’ve started working on the foundation for 6 X Guadalupe, the future tallest building in Austin. At 845 feet, it will dwarf the current tallest, The Independent at 690 feet.

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