Rainey Street Bungalow

Rainey Street Bungalow - Austin, Texas

Rainey Street Bungalow – Austin, Texas

In yesterday’s post, I introduced the Rainey Street District, a once rundown neighborhood that transformed in the last decade. The area was developed back in 1884 and grew to about 30 buildings — mainly bungalows. Many of these were renovated into bars and restaurants to become one of the hottest areas in Austin.

Subsequently, tall residential towers have also joined the fray, sprouting up in open lots. When I started my A Changing Austin documentation project, I was in search of the last of the un-renovated bungalows. My quick survey yielded three. This one is my favorite.

Inevitably, this house will be lost to history. Either prettied up into a bar or perhaps demolished for a towering skyscraper. The land is just too valuable now. However, I’ve at least captured this photographically, surrounded by huge buildings that didn’t exist 10 years ago.

This sort of reminds me of one of my favorite childhood books — The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton. You can watch a narrated reading in this YouTube Video.

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