Shiny Target Cosmetics

Shiny Cosmetics, Target - Austin, Texas

Shiny Cosmetics, Target – Austin, Texas

Whole Foods for the last few posts, and now Target, this is my exciting life these days. A big change from the KR Market in Bangalore, India. Travel is obviously very challenging right now, and I’m making observations closer to home.

However, how would a Target appear to the folks in India? Especially to the people who frequent the bustling and colorful market places. Would this nearly white Target appear too antiseptic? Or does it look like some futuristic store?

I’ve always admired Target for its style, particularly for a discount retailer. With a few elements, they’ve managed to dress up a plain big box into a rather sleek cosmetics department. The Canon G1X Mark II starts at a 24mm on the wide end, and I can get some extra width when I use the RAW. More than enough to capture this expansive aisle.

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