Power Lines Silhouette

Power Lines Silhouette - Austin, Texas

Power Lines Silhouette – Austin, Texas

Ideally, I would always carry a capable camera with me. I suppose I do since I have my smartphone. However, for photography, I tend to be old-school, preferring a tactile, dedicated camera interface. Except, it’s almost embarrassing if I sling a camera or camera bag with me everywhere I go. My wife, on occasion, would give me a light-hearted ribbing for bringing a dedicated camera to a mundane errand.

But, you never know when a photographic opportunity will present itself.

When I get a new camera, I bring it along with more than usual, forcing myself to become familiar with it as quickly as possible. Such was the case when I had the Canon G1X Mark II with on a quick trip to Target. Yes, I made a photo inside. The G1X is a chunky camera but at the upper limit of what I would shoot, comfortably in a store. I’ve always assumed that a big DSLR or mirrorless would raise unnecessary attention at a retail establishment.

On the way home, while my wife was driving, I found a worthy scene looking west towards the sunset. Beautifully silhouetted power lines spaced optimally apart for a balanced composition. I love it when I happen upon a picture.

Oh, and the color from the G1X Mark II? Lovely. Though I did lightly tweak the RAW.

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