Power Lines Silhouette

Power Lines Silhouette - Austin, Texas

Power Lines Silhouette – Austin, Texas

Ideally, I would always carry a capable camera with me. I suppose I do since I have my smartphone. However, for photography, I tend to be old-school, preferring a tactile, dedicated camera interface. Except, it’s almost embarrassing if I sling a camera or camera bag with me everywhere I go. My wife, on occasion, would give me a light-hearted ribbing for bringing a dedicated camera to a mundane errand.

But, you never know when a photographic opportunity will present itself.

When I get a new camera, I bring it along with more than usual, forcing myself to become familiar with it as quickly as possible. Such was the case when I had the Canon G1X Mark II with on a quick trip to Target. Yes, I made a photo inside. The G1X is a chunky camera but at the upper limit of what I would shoot, comfortably in a store. I’ve always assumed that a big DSLR or mirrorless would raise unnecessary attention at a retail establishment.

On the way home, while my wife was driving, I found a worthy scene looking west towards the sunset. Beautifully silhouetted power lines spaced optimally apart for a balanced composition. I love it when I happen upon a picture.

Oh, and the color from the G1X Mark II? Lovely. Though I did lightly tweak the RAW.

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5 thoughts on “Power Lines Silhouette

  1. I’m developing a strong interest in power poles. Maybe it’s a rekindled childhood thing. We have some fascinating varieties here in southern Arizona. The invention of glass insulators in the mid-1800’s allowed for a quantum leap in this technology. Recently, from our community pool, I watched 2 guys on separate Comcast trucks in elevated “buckets” install a new router for my neighborhood. It took half an hour. We’re so reliant on this technology, yet it goes mostly unnoticed, and we’re even annoyed when those trucks delay our travels.

    1. I must admit that I don’t share your fascination with power poles. Though I do tolerate them more, especially if I can weave them into the image effectively. However, there is no question that they do amazing things and we do take them for granted.

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