Suburban Sunset

Suburban Sunset - Austin, Texas

Suburban Sunset – Austin, Texas

I’m back in the suburbs again. I was testing the Canon G1X Mark II when I got it back in May of this year — a quick observation during one of my walks. I shot this camera in RAW and converted it to black in white in post with Capture One.

With a long zoom range (24-120mm equivalent), a big aperture (f2 -f3.9), and a big sensor, it’s chunky for a compact camera. But, not too large that I can’t readily take it on a walk. It has enough chops to create robust technical images.

The downside of the camera is its clumsy, for me, controls and slow operation — not an issue when walking around in observation mode.

The dramatic shadows cast by the tree might have made a spectacular landscape if this weren’t a suburban view. But, a monochrome conversion and the excellent texture of the asphalt makes for an atypical view of suburban Texas.

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