Abstract Tree

Abstract Tree - Austin, Texas

Abstract Tree – Austin, Texas

Here’s another image I made during my walks in the neighborhood with my Canon G1X Mark II. Made on the same day as this photo from a couple of days ago. This highly silhouetted picture certainly has an abstract feel.

One of the potential knocks of the G1X Mark II, a camera from 2014, is its now meager 13MP sensor. For most things, 13MP is enough — certainly for online viewing and blog posts. It even fills the screen of my 27″ Retina iMac. Though, the original file looks somewhat better than it does on this post.

However, even at these lower web resolutions, the sharpness and detail from this Canon suffer compared to this somewhat similar 51MP Fujifilm GFX image. Obviously, the 51MP medium format camera has superior image quality. I just didn’t expect it to be visible at these small web sizes.

That said, I don’t think the spirit of the image is compromised. It’s an abstract, and a little fuzziness doesn’t detract. In fact, it might add to the abstraction.

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