Honda Dealer

Honda Dealer - Austin, Texas

Honda Dealer – Austin, Texas

Whenever I buy a new (used) camera, I take it everywhere. It’s my shiny new toy, of course, but I also want to see how well it actually works. It’s part of the critical imprinting period when I find out what I like and don’t like about it. Back in April and May, the Canon G1X Mark II was my take everywhere camera.

With the pandemic lockdown, I’m using my Honda Clarity less than ever, but I dutifully went to get it serviced. I run it more than 95% on electric-only mode. And, at only 13,000 miles after two years, I seriously doubt it needs an oil change, but I got one anyway.

2020 Honda Accord - Austin, Texas

2020 Honda Accord – Austin, Texas

Admittedly, these photos aren’t very exciting, just images documenting my trip to the dealer during the pandemic. I did, however, make slightly more appealing photos that I will post in the coming days. There are two points I wanted to mention, however.

First, photographs are unique in that they become more valuable over time. These simple snapshots become infinitely more interesting 10, 20, and 50+ years for now. Imagine a similar dealer photo from the 1960s or earlier. Observing the changing fashion of car design or curiosity for history drives the interest.

Second, photography is a skill. And, shooting something — anything — is necessary. During the pandemic, my usual subjects were curtailed. If making images at a car dealership keeps my photography muscles in shape, I’ll take it.

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7 thoughts on “Honda Dealer

  1. So true. Take a look at photos of a Plymouth or Dodge dealership in 1957 when the advertising theme was “Suddenly It’s 1960”. Cars too big to fit in some older garages, with bizarre tail fins. Forward to 1970 and the first Hondas imported to the US. How could anybody hope to sell a car as tiny as that? It looks like you might have to wind it up – or at least it did to most people seeing one for the first time.

    1. Those oversized tail fins would have been a sight to see in the dealerships.

      Certainly, modern cars with computer optimized and wind tunnel tweaked designs don’t have that much character anymore.

      Talking about 1970s Hondas. Stay tuned for the next post.

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