Boathouse and Skyline

Boathouse and Skyline - Austin, Texas

Boathouse and Skyline – Austin, Texas

After a short color interlude from Mount Bonnell, we are back to black and whites from downtown. I’ve moved from the city streets to near Lady Bird Lake, which is actually a dammed river which flows through downtown.

The building in the foreground is Waller Creek Boathouse, which houses a cafe, fitness studio, and Kayak rentals. I made this photo at the beginning of March before the pandemic lockdown in Austin.

The curved wall forms the outlet for a newly-built flood control system for Waller Creek. During heavy rains, a separate, underground tunnel diverts excess water to this point. With the creek tamed, there are ambitious and extensive plans to develop parklands along the creek all the way up north to Waterloo Park located on 12th Street.

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