Georgetown Streetscapes

Palace Theater - Georgetown, Texas

Palace Theater – Georgetown, Texas

For this current series on Georgetown, Texas, I’ve mostly featured photos that I made with the Canon G1X Mark II — a convenient and easy to use compact camera. However, I also brought my beefy Fuji GFX 50R, a much larger medium format camera. I used its high-quality and high-resolution capabilities to make these details streetscapes of small-town Texas.

I’ve really come to appreciate these kinds of properly-scaled, small architectural jewels. You don’t see these anymore in modern construction. In Austin, many of the old buildings have been torn down in the name of progress. And, any old buildings that remain are often modified and subsequently ruined.

I’ve made streetscapes like this in Austin, including a post that documents pandemic artwork covering the 6th street bars. I’ve used the same technique here in Georgetown. Except, I shot these hand-held instead of on a tripod.

Streetscapes - Georgetown, Texas
Streetscapes - Georgetown, Texas
Streetscapes - Georgetown, Texas

I particularly like this last photo, which I should name the three SUVs. Texas is the land of pickup trucks and SUVs. I like how we have three of them, evenly spaced, in front of a handsome facade.

For all these images, I’ve modified them to be warmer than the native Fujifilm colors. These are more like Canon’s colors — which I prefer — as I explained in yesterday’s post.

That Palace theater would look even better later in the evening, during blue hour, where the neon and color would pop even more. However, I was busy making another image, which I’ll showcase tomorrow.

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6 thoughts on “Georgetown Streetscapes

  1. Nice pictures, as usual. I am perplexed by the Canon – Fuji color comparison. I have a Fuji xe3 and it does not seem to me to produce so cold colors. I don’t have a Canon to compare, though.

    1. Hi Andrea. It would be interesting to compare my GFX vs. my X cameras to see if there is a color difference. Perhaps in the future. I’m sure there are differences in the image processor and the GFX does not have a X-Trans sensor.

  2. Great job of finding and capturing the essence of that late 1800s small town architectural form. Even when it dives off the deep end into gingerbread it’s very engaging.

    1. Thanks, Mike. Yes, some are overly embellished. But, I really love the proportions of the buildings. And, they are so much more fun than our modern efficiently made tilt-wall structures.

  3. For years I had wanted to do a similar series on downtown Princeton but no matter the time of day, the streets were lined with cars. Parallel parking blocked views, and the traffic ensured I could never step into the street for a photo. The pandemic lockdown presented an opportunity to photograph Nassau Street and I took it.

    I like this series. I think the streetscapes of Georgetown are more interesting than the mid-century buildings in Princeton. Your post has inspired me to take another look but perhaps closer to the golden hour. Of course, all the cars are back.

    1. Khürt, I’m glad my post has given you inspiration.

      I especially liked your Princeton series with the wonderful flowering trees. You captured some nice architectural details. It looks like it’s an upscale neighborhood and there are worthwhile details to document.

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