Boston Avenue Looking North

Boston Avenue Looking North - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Boston Avenue Looking North – Tulsa, Oklahoma

I’m no Tulsa expert — this is only my second visit to the city. I was there four years ago when my older son also visited the University of Tulsa. For this year’s visit, we spent a little more time driving around semi-randomly. I like this view down Boston Avenue, which appears to be one of the major streets in the center of downtown. Many of the skyscrapers seem to be located here.

What we all noticed in Tulsa was the lack of pedestrians and cars. No doubt, the pandemic has had an impact on reducing traffic everywhere. However, it was this way four years ago too. I have yet to visit during business hours, but it gives an impression of a city that is not booming. However, the buildings appeared to be well-kept, and the downtown was clean.

Back 25-years-ago, Austin was this way. After 5pm, the city was dead. It took a lot of downtown development to revitalize the central business district. Perhaps, Tulsa will go through his rejuvenation too. The good news is, the cost of living is a lot lower than in Austin. The downside of Austin’s growth is the rapidly rising living costs, which is one of the highest in Texas.

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7 thoughts on “Boston Avenue Looking North

  1. I love this picture, even though, or perhaps because, the city looks deserted. It has a sort of otherworldly feeling.

    1. Yes, there is a lot of that happening recently. Though it would be interesting to make pictures like that in NYC. However, I hate the economic implications of such a deserted scene.

      1. I’m not saying Austin is back to pre-pandemic levels. However, there is more activity in downtown and around the suburbs that I expect.

        The night life is more subdued, of course. but the city is not deserted.

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