Texture and Geometry

Texture and Geometry - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Texture and Geometry – Tulsa, Oklahoma

I’m standing in the same place as yesterday’s photo on Boston Avenue looking north. Except, I’m zoomed in using an 85mm equivalent telephoto, unlike the slightly wide 35mm equivalent from yesterday. As you can see, you can create an entirely different perspective.

In today’s photo, I was exploring the texture of the facades and the geometry of the various skyscrapers. They are all different heights, architectural styles, and vintages — which adds a variety that I crave. I’m starting to see more of these compositions these days. To add an extra sense of order, I made sure to correct the distortions in post. The black and white treatment, I think, tends to add abstraction and, thus, a more artistic element. Taken together, I can see this kind of picture handing in a mid-budget business hotel.

I’m starting a mini-series today with a common element, which will become obvious — hopefully — in a couple of days. Our stay in downtown Tulsa was short, but I managed decent looking architecture snaps. While the city doesn’t appear to have the boomtown atmosphere of Austin, Tulsa does have its charms, particularly in the architecture. It’s the kind of place I can spend a while just making zen observations of the man-made surroundings.

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