Entering Galaxy’s Edge

Entering Galaxy's Edge - Anaheim, California

Entering Galaxy’s Edge – Anaheim, California

Past New Orleans Square and on the other side of Critter Country, there is a mysterious new place. It’s one of the main reasons I wanted to visit Disneyland. That and Cars Land, which I blogged extensively about last month.

I’m referring to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. It’s a brand new and ambitious extension to Disneyland all the way at the rear of the park. There, Disney built Black Spire Output on the Planet Batuu. This is the entrance to that outpost.

The scale of the structures is impressive with an immersive quality like Harry Potter World at Universal Studios Florida. Except, there is no equivalent of a ceremonial transition like the Hogwarts Express. You just walk into the land.

I still like Galaxy’s Edge better because I’m a much bigger fan of Star Wars than Harry Potter.

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