X-wing, A-wing

X-wing Starfighter - Anaheim, California

X-wing Starfighter – Anaheim, California

There were a pair of rebel alliance starfighters parked outside the outpost near the entrance to Galaxy’s Edge. The first one is easily identifiable to any Star Wars fan. It is, of course, an X-wing fighter.

However, to a serious Star Wars fan, there are untold depths to the backstory. As written in the many fan wiki pages. I’m not the guy. All I can say is that I’ve watched every Star Wars movie in the theater. However, I have never read any of the books, studied the canon, or even seen the animated series. I suppose I’m just a casual fan.

Notice that this X-wing has a blue stripe. Quick research reveals that this is part of the blue squadron, and it’s the T-70 model. It’s newer than the one Luke Skywalker used, I believe, which was the T-65B. You might remember that Luke’s model had a red painted stripe.

A-wing Starfighter - Anaheim, California

A-wing Starfighter – Anaheim, California

I’ve seen this ship before, but apparently not enough of a fan to correctly remember that it’s an A-wing starfighter. For the record, my favorite starfighter design is the B-wing. There’s also a Y-wing with gold-painted stripes in the original Star Wars movie (Episode 4). I don’t know how many other types of rebel ships exist.

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