Beer Pong Art

Beer Pong Art - San Antonio, Texas

Beer Pong Art – San Antonio, Texas

For my third and last “frat house” observation in this mini-series, I present an artistic representation of Beer Pong. The shallow depth of field is courtesy of the f1.4 aperture with the Fujifilm 35mm lens. That and the black and white conversion is my artistic recipe. The cups were as I found them, though I did place the two beer cans for added effect.

Beer Pong is a drinking game. One that I actually never played. Though it looks like it was enjoyed with some regularity at my son’s house. They even had some demonstrations of it after the graduation ceremony and before we all went out to dinner.

For people unfamiliar with the game, here is a description. I love how Wikipedia has a write-up, including the history of this “sport”.

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