The Lighter Side of College Life

Lone Star Beers - San Antonio, Texas

Lone Star Beers – San Antonio, Texas

After the graduation ceremony, we took candids with friends and family. The on and off again rain encouraged a short stay, and we rushed back to my son’s house. He shared a house with two others that are part of the same fraternity. It became sort of an unofficial frat house.

At Trinity University, they have something I call fraternity-lite. They have only local chapters with no permanent frat houses. They get the camaraderie and fun of being together without the craziness.

Of course, with finals over and everyone above legal drinking age, there were signs of some celebrations. I switched the lens on my Fuji X-E3 from stout the 55 – 200mm to the small 35mm f1.4. I went around the house documenting signs of the lighter side of college life.

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