Professional Drum Shop

Professional Drum Shop - Los Angeles, California

Professional Drum Shop – Los Angeles, California

For my last mini-series photo from Vine Street in Los Angeles, here’s the Professional Drum Shop. This is my favorite building that I found in the short walk south along Vine Street. It just seems like an LA kind of store.

Austin is also a big music city, so I did a Google search for drum shops. There were two dedicated stores in Austin, but they don’t look cool like this place in LA. This building is simple, and it’s probably the big stylized lettering that really sets it apart. The red and black sign matches the trim color on the building. Was that by chance? I doubt it.

As a bonus, I like the lone palm tree sticking out. Warm and sunlit from the late afternoon setting sun. I’m glad the car was black, so it just happens to blend into the color scheme. Though the Volkswagen may not be hip enough.

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