Ocean Avenue

Ocean Avenue - Santa Monica, California

Ocean Avenue – Santa Monica, California

I don’t have a good explanation of why I like this photograph. It’s a snapshot of a city street with slightly better color than usual. But, I’ll do my best to break down the picture and justify it in photographic terms.

First, we have the rich color, which I captured just after sunset. A mid-day photo would be utterly boring. We have some sparkle and interest from the car headlights, and a soothing sky hints at the beginning of blue hour. The street forms a leading line that draws the viewer into the frame. Finally, we have a variation in height created by the buildings and punctuated by the slender palm trees. Of course, this explanation can be all BS. Ultimately, we like what we like without requiring justification. But, I often take pictures in this way. Capturing scenes that I find worthwhile after matching them to an internal aesthetics database.

This is Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, by the way. It’s the main road running parallel to the park, which fronts the beach.

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