Sunset and Texture

Sunset and Texture - Santa Monica, California

Sunset and Texture – Santa Monica, California

Please excuse the touristy sunset photograph. Even a photo enthusiast succumbs to cliche pictures once in a while. In my defense, I got the sun just as it started to dip into the Pacific ocean. Also, the silhouettes of palm trees and birds add that vacation-y touch.

I think the pattern formed by the parked cars brings an unexpected element — car texture. I did some extreme cropping, opting for portrait orientation to make a solid composition. The original framing didn’t have enough impact.

The downside is the hefty loss in resolution. Starting with 16MP, I was left with 7MP after the crop. Definitely good enough for a blog post, but limited for printing large. That’s where my recent Fujifilm GFX 50R with 51MP really shines. This extreme crop would have yielded a 28.6MP image. I don’t necessarily think this picture is print-worthy, but it’s always nice to have that option.

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