Perfect Evening Patio

Perfect Evening Patio - Santa Monica, California

Perfect Evening Patio – Santa Monica, California

Dinnertime was rapidly approaching, and we were no closer to figuring out where to eat. Part of the problem was an overabundance of choices and the need to get a consensus between 5 people. Also, we were unfamiliar with the area. We headed first to the shopping mall where we parked. As the family surveyed the food options, I stepped back for a few minutes. I was taken by this scene.

We were on the top floor of Santa Monica Place, which is close to the beach. This view faced west towards the fading sunset. It was one of those perfect California weather days, and this scene encapsulated a busy but rewarding day of tourism. I loved the color of the sky, the modern design of the patio, and the under-lit tree. It exuded upscale without being fussy.

I spent a few minutes here shooting several angles. I pick this one for the tree placement, the curve of the fence, and the balance of the elements. There’s even a bright star and a thin crescent moon. I suppose it may be a picture about nothing, and my happy feelings may have overstated its visual worth. On the other hand, I think I was able to balance the various elements harmoniously.

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