Home Slice Bar

Bar, Home Slice - Austin, Texas

Bar, Home Slice – Austin, Texas

Behold the Home Slice Bar. Sporting chandeliers in a pizza restaurant, you probably expected an elaborate bar. I’m sure this doesn’t disappoint. They managed to create an old-world feeling, but this location is only about a decade old.

Usually packed, I somehow managed a photograph with no people at the bar. The Fujifilm 15-45mm was just wide enough to capture the entire length.

When I was young, I was strictly into minimalism. My first apartment featured simple white-on-white designs. As I’ve grown older, my tastes have shifted towards darker tones. My wife and I are redecorating the house right now. Almost all the rooms are getting a darker coating of paint. There are more dark woods and black. We even have brass accents in places, which — gasp — I would’ve never imagined. Our house is not this over the top. However, we have added more texture and playful touches.

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2 thoughts on “Home Slice Bar

    1. The plastic build is the least desirable aspect of the lens. But, it’s not bad optically (obviously not perfect), compact, and works for my preferred focal length.

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