Stop Stop

Stop Stop - Honolulu, Hawaii

Stop Stop – Honolulu, Hawaii

I get a good amount of pleasure making images of nothing. By nothing, I mean a scene that doesn’t have any obvious merits — it’s not particularly pretty or special. However, I think a certain level of harmony can be achieved through composition. And, if lucky, the selected scene can look worthwhile when framed as a picture.

Did I achieve this in this photograph? Is it of interest to anyone else other than me? Who knows. However, I am satisfied with the way the different elements have come together. I spent some time making a few versions. The two cyclists add visual interest to balance the top left palm trees. The preciseness in the architectural framing comforts my exacting tendencies.

I also like that it’s a non-touristy, everyday look at Honolulu. Whether you appreciate it or not. I’m sure you can agree that it’s not what most people envision when you think Hawaii.

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2 thoughts on “Stop Stop

  1. I like it, nicely framed with a lovely leading line from the bottom left, the bicycle riders really add to it and help make the shot. The Aloha text is a good hint it’s Hawaii and it’s nicely edited. A keeper. Greetings from another island 🏝

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