Marukame Udon

Marukame Udon - Honolulu, Hawaii

Marukame Udon – Honolulu, Hawaii

We’ve known about Marukame Udon for years but were scared away by the long lines. We finally went, and the wait wasn’t as bad as we feared — about 30 minutes of a steady crawl through the line. Nothing compared to the holdup at Disneyland.

Upon observation, it appeared that the 2pm – 3pm timeframe seemed somewhat less crowded. Luckily, our Pearl Harbor tour got up back to Waikiki at the perfect time, heading to Marukame for a late lunch. Our USS Missouri and Arizona Memorial visit lasted from 8am – 3pm and we were hungry.

Marukame Udon - Honolulu, Hawaii
Marukame Udon - Honolulu, Hawaii

Udon is this a thick, white Japanese noodle. Though not as popular as Raman, I like it better. The noodles and toppings were tasty for sure. Surprisingly, for a city with lofty food prices, Marukame’s were downright inexpensive. No wonder the place is always crowded.

Marukame Udon - Honolulu, Hawaii

In addition to the noodles, you can add extras in the bowl or on the side. I ordered the Big Chicken Katsu and the Udon. If this sounds familiar to you, I featured this meal on my Thanksgiving post in 2021.

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