Giving Thanks

Udon and Chicken Katsu - Honolulu, Hawaii

Udon and Chicken Katsu – Honolulu, Hawaii

As 2021 winds down, here we are at another Thanksgiving in the United States. I would’ve hoped that the world shook off COVID by now, but we haven’t. Life is slowly returning to normal, but unevenly. Some places are locked down. Others are comparably free. Closer to home, our group of friends — who usually meet for Thanksgiving — is not this year. Too many things happening and other logistical challenges have paused our get-together.

There is much to be thankful about, however. My two sons who live in San Antonio are back with us for a few days. It feels like a complete family again. Being empty nesters means that we get to look forward to visits from our children. Something that we never thought about when they lived with us full time.

As I often do for this occasion, I feature a food-oriented photograph. I made this one in Hawaii this year at a place called Marukame Udon. Very popular in Waikiki with a perpetual line. Until this year, the wait always gave us pause. We determined that 2 -3 pm is often a bit shorter. Which translated to about a 30-minute wait. Well worth it.

The food is fantastic and low-priced by Hawaiian standards. On the right, a bowl of Udon. This Japanese noodle might not be as famous as Ramen, but I like it better. On the left, Chicken Katsu. Short for Chicken Cutlet, which originated in France but is very Japanese.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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