The Zoo without a Long Lens

Zoo Elephant, Honolulu Zoo - Honolulu, Hawaii

Zoo Elephant, Honolulu Zoo – Honolulu, Hawaii

In November, when I started this extensive Hawaii series, I talked about the trade-offs of equipment selection. In that post, I explained my big camera changes. Conscious decisions, while limiting, worked out in most cases. Today, my one big limitation.

Unexpectedly, my wife wanted to visit the Honolulu Zoo, adjacent to Waikiki. We attended together with no kids. I was consumed, however, with a gear problem, lacking a lens over 67.5mm focal length. If ever I needed my 55mm – 200mm telephoto, this would’ve been it.

My zoo challenge was framing a compelling picture with limited gear. I made numerous pictures, though not very satisfying ones. Distant animals among clutter did not inspire. My submission. A graphical image balancing umbrellas, horizontal cables, and an expressive elephant. One thing is for sure. It’s not a typical zoo photo.

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