Printing Super Large

Topical Leaves - Honolulu, Hawaii

Topical Leaves – Honolulu, Hawaii

When I was in Hawaii last summer, I searched for scenes worth printing large. We were in the midst of redecorating our living room. And the agreement with my wife was that my photographs would be used to decorate the newly updated space. Of course, she had the final say on what images we were using.

Reviewing my handiwork post-trip, I had several candidates. My wife wanted something somewhat abstract. Which reminded her of our beloved Hawaii. We both agreed that this tropical scene worked best in the location. I shot this in the lush greenery surrounding the Royal Hawaiian. The bright light towards the bottom of the frame is the rising sun, shooting it early in the morning, just after sunrise.

Ambitiously, we printed large — 60 inches x 30 inches — my largest ever. I was confident that the 51MP Fuji GFX 50R would produce detailed results even for this larger size. I post-processed this, of course. Brightening it and adding extra saturation. As well as a light coating of an Art-ish effect, bumping up the texture.

Xpozer Palms on Display - Austin, Texas

Xpozer Palms on Display – Austin, Texas

Here is the result, as printed and hung on the wall. I used the Xpozer printing system. Which is a stretched thin plastic sheet over an aluminum subframe. I’ve used the process previously and talk about it in this post. It’s non-reflective and worked exceptionally well near the window. The print appears like a light and airy sheet of paper floating off the wall.

The living room and the adjoining dining room are now redecorated. With the success of this large print, I made a few more. Which I may talk about in the future. I’m making a conscious effort to print and display my work. Physically manifesting your creation is a rewarding experience. One that I highly recommend.

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