Waiting for Sunset

Waiting for Sunset - Honolulu, Hawaii

Waiting for Sunset – Honolulu, Hawaii

The Hawaii coverage from 2021 is finally coming to an end. I’m starting my last short series, which revolves around sunset yet again. I’ve touched on this subject previously, but it seemed Hawaii-like to wrap up with these images.

I noticed this woman sitting patiently, training her eye and smartphone on the horizon. The sunset was approaching, but there was still ample time. Perhaps she got there early for an optimum spot. I like the simplicity of the image. A woman in a brightly colored dress atop a wall next to warning signs. The water — calm and summer-like.

Waiting for Sunset - Honolulu, Hawaii

The reverse view is surprisingly busy. The massive rocks of the groin (a structure that reduces beach erosion) dwarf the woman. Behind her — the clutter of beach life.

Some forty-five minutes later, this same structure is packed with onlookers to witness the setting sun. The woman was still there, continuing to focus zen-like. Nearly lost among the crowd.

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