Silhouettes of Sunset

Silhouettes of Sunset - Honolulu, Hawaii

Silhouettes of Sunset – Honolulu, Hawaii

After making yesterday’s photos, I explored for over 30 minutes, finding worthwhile compositions. I circled back to the same wall and noticed a hefty increase in onlookers. The ones who were watching the setting sun.

Purposely underexposing, I was planning to recover the shadows with post-processing. Sort of what I did with this photo. It all worked well technically. Though artistically, I preferred the silhouettes.

I opted to brighten slightly and add saturation. What resulted is a moodier interpretation. I like how the father is pointing towards the horizon, and you can see a sliver of the two son’s eyeglasses. Shadows can be powerful. They don’t always need to be recovered.

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